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USDA Weekly Crop Progress
Monday, April 14, 2014 3:38PM CDT

OMAHA (DTN) -- Three percent of the nation's corn crop was planted as of April 13, according to USDA's latest weekly Crop Progress report, and it's no surprise that most of that was in the Southern states.

Texas reported 57% of its corn crop in the ground, North Carolina 20%, Kansas 11%, Missouri 9%. Illinois and Nebraska both reported 1% of their corn planted.

Last year at this time 2% of the U.S. corn crop was planted and the five-year average is 6%.

"This report could be viewed as neutral to bullish," said DTN Senior Analyst Darin Newsom.

Spring wheat planting was reported at 6%, compared to 5% last year. Winter wheat heading is at 5%, compared to 4% last year. "The Texas crop leads the way at 16% headed with Oklahoma at 4%," Newsom said. "The Kansas crop was reported at 31% jointed, just below last year's 33% and well below the 5-year average of 47%."

Winter wheat condition worsened as dry weather with strong winds took their toll during the last week. Tuesday morning could see crop-damaging temps in the low 20s in Kansas and Oklahoma on top of the already poor conditions.

"Winter wheat conditions decreased again, resulting in a DTN Crop Condition Index of 62 points," Newsom said. "This is 10 points lower than last week and 7 points lower than last year at this time. This report could be viewed as neutral to bullish."

Sorghum planting moved up to 20% complete compared to 11% last week and a 21% five-year average. In addition, USDA this week reported oats at 9% planted compared to 38% last year and a 47% five-year average. Barley is 16% planted compared to 17% last year.

Rice was reported at 25% planted and 9% emerged, compared to 22% and 12% last year. Cotton was 8% planted compared to 8% last year and a 9% average.

DTN reader Phil Carter of New Era, Mich., said there isn't any corn planting going on in his area yet, but he finally finished 2013's corn harvest during the last week. "I spent some of this week dodging rain showers but it cleared up and got a chance to get the combine out and run a field of corn I didn't get before winter hit in November," he wrote in an email. "Surprisingly it yielded very good for the soil conditions and had minimal deer damage. ... We certainly are not proud that we didn't finish corn last fall, but farming is a poker game and you have to play the hand you are dealt."

Next week USDA will add emergence numbers for oats to the report.

National Crop Progress Summary
This Last Last 5-Yr
Week Week Year Avg
Corn Planted 3 NA 2 6
Sorghum Planted 20 11 23 21
Oats Planted 9 NA 38 47
Barley Planted 16 NA 17 NA
Spring Wheat Planted 6 NA 5 NA
Winter Wheat Headed 5 NA 4 NA
Rice Planted 25 15 22 31
Rice Emerged 9 NA 12 12
Cotton Planted 8 6 8 9
National Crop Condition Summary
(VP=Very Poor; P=Poor; F=Fair; G=Good; E=Excellent)
This Week Last Week Last Year
W Wheat 12 20 34 30 4 10 19 36 30 5 12 19 33 31 5

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