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Let Panhandle Coop design a total energy program for you! We offer different fuel & propane contracting programs as well as oil & fuel warranty programs. 

Propane Programs
Refined Fuels Contracting Programs
  • Tank Wagon Contracts
  • Fixed Price Contract
  • Max Price Contract
If you are in need of fuel or would like more information on contracting fuel call 308-632-5301 or toll free at 800-732-4546.
  • Annual Early Fill Program
  • Secure Comfort Budget Payment Plan
  • Fixed Price Contract
  • Value assurance Maximum Price Contract
For Propane Sales and Service call 800-658-4457.

Plus our propane technicians are certified and your safety is their #1 priority. Don't leave your safety that of your family in the hands of strangers! We live in your community and you know us. Let us be your refined fuels provider.
Don't forget to ask about our Automated Fuel Delivery System (AFD). We offer you five features that will help you maximiz your time, giving you peace of mind. Check them out here. For questions about AFD please contact our office at (308) 632-5301.

Cenex is our main fuel supplier.  The products we carry are:

  • Cenex unleaded, E-10 unleaded, and premium gasoline
  • Cenex Roadmaster XL premium diesel fuel
  • Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster premium diesel fuel


Learn more about safety at the following links:

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