Receipts for Cash Program

  05/15/20 3:48:07 PM

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Panhandle Coop, through the grocery stores “Receipts for Cash Program” gives thousands of dollars to charitable organizations in the communities where their stores are located. Here is how:

  1. We would like to have charitable or 501 (c) (3) organizations. They must collect at least $100,000 in receipts from Scottsbluff Main Street Market, Torrington Main Street Market or Kimball Main Street Market.
  2. The purpose of the program is to encourage individuals with the organization, who support that organization, to shop in our stores. We will no longer have containers at the stores for customers to put their receipts in. We will not “save” receipts for any organization at any of our stores. The organizations must collect the receipts, total them and present them for donation.
  3. Receipts must be added up.
    • Amounts must be before sales tax.
    • Must be for goods in grocery, meat, produce, deli/bakery, dairy, frozen, beauty/health or liquor.
    • Items from the customer service booth such as lottery tickets and money orders do not qualify.
    • Please label each bundle with the "total amount" of that bundle.
    • We will spot check bundles to make sure they are totaled correctly.
  4.  Please turn into Susan Wiedeman, Grocery Store Manager or Assistant Manager.
  5. Checks will be sent to the store for the manager to present to the organizations. We will want to take a picture for our records.
  6. Checks will be made out for the 1% of the total of the receipts.
  7. If you have questions, contact Susan Wiedeman at (308) 630-5249 or (800) 732-4546.

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