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A premium manual transmission fluid
formulated to protect higher torque
transmissions and extend drain service
in the toughest conditions. Available in
SAE 50 and SAE 40 viscosity grades.
Maxtron MT SAE 40 is fully approved
by Eaton PS-386.



Cenex Total Protection Plan® –
You’ve made a huge investment in your equipment.
Protect your equipment with the Cenex Total Protection Plan®
Warranty for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours on new equipment
and up to 8 years or 8,000 hours on used equipment.
For peace of mind, enroll today by
downloading the application available at




Cenex Maxtron Enviro-EDGE® and Maxtron DEO are the smartest oils for the toughest conditions. Formulated with EnduroVis™ star polymer technology for exceptional oil durability and improved engine performance.

  • Up to 7x more shear stable than competitors

  • Improved performance in extreme temperatures

  • Decreases downtime by reducing maintenance without sacrificing oil quality

  • Restores fuel economy up to 3% in extreme conditions and 2% in normal conditions



Drip Oil

Premium Irrigation Well Lubricant minimizes temperature-related viscosity changes and maintains an excellent low-temperature fluidity to help keep bearings lubricated.

Superlube TMS® Para-Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Features an enhanced formulation of conventional and synthetic base oils, which provides field-tested engine durability, superior protection against soot and prevents oil thickening. A perfect choice for dirty, dusty and heavy load conditions.

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MAXTRON® THF+ Full Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

An all-weather tractor hydraulic fluid formulated to maximize pump performance and efficiency for increased hydraulic power and precision during peak operating times.


Qwiklift® HTB® Universal Tractor, Transmission and Wet Brake Fluid

A multifunctional tractor hydraulic fluid formulated with a balanced additive package for unparalleled protection of bronze alloy parts.


A high-performance multi-purpose grease formulated with a lithium complex thickener system and a balanced additive package for excellent extreme pressure properties and protection against rust and corrosion.

  • Excellent cold weather performance

  • Long-lasting and water resistant

  • EP and anti-wear properties

  • Excellent oxidation control


An extreme duty, lithium complex, semisynthetic multi-purpose grease formulated with 3% moly (Molybdenum Disulfide) to enhance the lubrication capabilities between sliding components. Recommended for construction, industrial, and agricultural use.

  • EP and anti-wear properties

  • Excellent cold weather performance

  • Long-lasting and water resistant

  • Protection from rust and corrosion

Red Protect XT® Extra Tacky Lithium Complex Grease

An extra tacky, high-temperature, lithium complex grease formulated with extreme pressure additives, anti-wear agents, and long-lasting corrosion and oxidation inhibitors for maximum protection and trouble-free operation in a wide variety of applications.

  • Multi-purpose grease

  • Stays in place

  • EP and anti-wear properties

  • Long-lasting and water resistant

  • Protection from rust and corrosion

Blue Gard® 500+™

Blue Gard® 500+™ is a premium heavy-duty, lithium complex, multi-purpose grease that’s flexible enough for most applications, yet tough enough to handle severe conditions and withstand heavy shock loading. Recommended for automotive, industrial and agricultural use.

ML 365®

ML 365® is a high-quality, lithium, multi-purpose EP grease. This product provides excellent wear protection and resists water washout for reduced grease consumption. Recommended for many applications in agriculture, construction and industrial environments.

HD Moly Xtreme

HD Moly Xtreme is a calcium sulfonate complex extreme duty grease developed and recommended for off-highway construction and mining equipment. It contains 5% moly (Molybdenum Disulfide) for superior lubricating capabilities in extreme-duty applications.


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