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Greece Reaches Financial Milestone     04/23 06:22

   BRUSSELS (AP) -- The European Union says Greece has reached a major 
financial milestone that was required if it were to be granted more debt relief.

   European Commission spokesman Simon O'Connor said Wednesday that Greece's 
government revenues last year exceeded expenditure when interest payment and 
other items were excluded.

   He says Greece's so-called primary budget surplus of 1.5 billion euros ($2.1 
billion), or 0.8 percent of its annual gross domestic product, is "well ahead 
of the 2013 target."

   Greece's international creditors have said a primary surplus will entitle 
Greece to further debt relief. Discussions are set to be concluded in the 
second half of the year.

   Most analysts expect the eurozone to lower the interest rates Greece pays on 
its loans or be granted another extension on when they have to be repaid.


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