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Suicide Bomber Hits NATO Convoy        07/07 06:14

   KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- A suicide car bomber targeted a NATO convoy in 
the Afghan capital on Tuesday, wounding at least two people, damaging several 
cars and shattering windows on a road in eastern Kabul, Afghan officials said.

   The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. A NATO spokesman in 
Kabul, Col. Brian Tribus, confirmed the attack shortly before noon and said the 
coalition was gathering more information on the incident.

   One of the wounded was an Afghan civilian while the second person was from 
the convoy, said Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahimi, the city's police chief who was at 
the scene of the blast. He did not elaborate.

   In a text message to media, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the 
attack targeted a "foreign car."

   U.S. and NATO combat troops pulled out of the country at the end of last 
year, leaving full security responsibility in the hands of Afghan forces. The 
coalition has remained in Afghanistan in a training and support role.

   Since then, the Taliban have stepped up attacks targeting Afghan officials, 
soldiers and local security forces.


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