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Panhandle Coop is partnered with Helena Chemical to bring producers a wide range of products and services including the ASK Program, which stands for "Agrintelligence Soil Knowledge." 

Here is what Panhandle Coop Crop Production can do for your farming operation:

  • Take soil samples and tailors a program for the individual crop and field.
  • Custom tailor your solid fertility program based on grower's individual needs depending on current fertility and agricultural practices.
  • Tailor fertility programs to the individual crop whether product is put on preplant, with starter or foliar applied.
  • Can tailor programs to grower's individual economic needs.

Panhandle Coop also carries Seed Products.  We have seed available for corn, alfalfa, soybeans, sunflowers, wheat, milo, other small grains, grass seed and turnips.


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